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  • A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum
    Bakhrushin street 31/12 bldg. 1
    7 minute drive
    The museum’s building used to be A. A. Bakhrushin’s manor in Zamoskvorechie. It was built in 1896 by the architect K. K. Gippius. One of the more fascinating halls of this museum is the «Russian theatre in XVIII century». Here the visitors gradually learn of key events in the history of Russian theatre.
  • AB Daily
    Novokuznetskaya street 1 bldg. 3
    6 minute walk
    The first AB Daily minimarket welcomed its customers on 18th of June in 2014. You can get a cup of fragrant coffee on your way to the metro, buy a prepared meal close to your office, buy a refreshing lemonade and a sandwich right by your favorite park and pick up your dinner right next to your house.
  • Azbuka Vkusa
    Bolshaya yakimanka street 32
    13 minute walk
    "Azbuka Vkusa" was founded in 1992. Since 1997 the company has been developing as a supermarket chain, whose business philosophy is based on unconditional quality and freshness of the goods, as well as personal approach to each client.
  • French embassy
    Bolshaya Yakimanka street 45
    5 minute drive
    The French Diplomatic Mission in Russia is located in a modern building of red brick and glass, where the embassy was moved to in 1979. The Igumnov House at 43 on the same street, where the embassy used to be situated from 1938 to 1979, is now serving as the official residence of Ambassador Extraordinaire and Plenipotentiary of French Republic in the Russian Federation.
  • Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
    Krymsky Val street 9 bldg. 32, the Gorky Park
    15 minute drive
    Garage exhibitions bring to its audience the works of the best contemporary artists from all around the world, as well as present contemporary Russian art in an international context. Mastering new methods of working with its audience, Garage puts an emphasis on exhibitions that invite their audience to creative intercommunication, as well as on projects that study the less known aspects of Russian culture.
  • Gimeney shopping mall
    Bolshaya Yakimanka street 22
    9 minute walk
    A unique place at the center of Moscow, which combines boutiques, offices, and premium-class services.
  • Globus Gurme
    Bolshaya Yakimanka 22
    9 minute walk
    “Globus Gourmet” is a gastronome with a wide range of everyday goods, as well as gourmet foods from all over the world that can meet the demands of the most sophisticated foodies. Not only food and original house appliances can be found in Globus Gourmet gastronomes, but ready to eat dishes of a restaurant level as well.
  • Museum-Estate of A.N.Ostrovsky
    Malaya Ordynka street 9.12 bldg. 6
    6 minute walk
    The journey along the landmarks significant to life and works of the great playwright starts at the Malaya Ordynka street, with the house of diacon NIkifor Maksimov on Golikovsky lane, where on 12th of April/31st of March in 1823 Aleksandr Nikolaevich Ostrovsky was born. Addresses, names, events, fates – Ostrovsky’s path seems to embrace all of Moscow, and the stories of beloved plays seem ever so brighter, as if they were found on the streets of the city.
  • Sedmoi Kontinent
    Bolshaya Tatarskaya Ulitsa, 30
    11 minute walk
    This chain of supermarkets offers its customers a wide variety of goods and services of high quality, a flexible pricing policy, and always meets the requirements of the market by being a technologically advanced trading platform.
  • Terrasport Kopernic fitness center
    Bolshaya Yakimanka 22 bldg. 3
    11 minute walk
    A premium-class fitness-club, located at the center of Moscow. The gear and service provided to the customers are on par with the best elite clubs of the world.
  • The "Balchug Kempinsky" Hotel
    Balchug street, 1
    12 minute walk
    The Balchug Kempinsky five star hotel in Moscow is the hotel for those who want to wake up and see the golden cupolas of Kremlin basking in the morning sun. This is an esteemed hotel with great history, so they do know how to treat their guests.
  • The "Onegin" fitness-club
    Malaya Polyanka stereet 2
    10 minute walk
    Onegin is a truly classic combination of sport and recreation, health and beauty. The unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquility of Moscow’s historic center and the luxury of a gentry villa reigns here.
  • The "The Sad" restaurant
    Yakimanskaya embankment 4 bldg. 1
    12 minute walk
    This establishment has at least two unique traits that make it stand out: Adrian Quetglas - one of the best chefs in Moscow, - and a subtropical garden, filled with exotic plants.
  • The Coffeemania restaurant
    Bolshaya Polyanka street 2 bldg. 2
    15 minute walk
    Coffeemania checks all the boxes required for fine dining – only the freshest goods and the best ingredients, a creative menu, sophisticated serving traditions, and deluxe dinnerware.
  • The EL GAUCHO steakhouse
    Zatsepsky val street 6/13
    10 minute drive
    El Gaucho is considered by right to be one of the best steakhouses in Moscow that serves exquisite Argentinian cuisine. Crackling fire, the sound of roasting meat, and friendly staff create a peaceful and serene atmosphere.
  • The Giovedi restaurant
    Ozerkovskaya embankment 26
    15 minute walk
    Italian cuisine how it is seen by the southern inhabitants of the country of the original recipes – from oysters to goatling pickled in white wine – a gastronomical revelation from the owner, who truly wants to show everyone the other, yet unseen side of Italian cuisine.
  • The Maly Theatre affiliate
    Bolshaya Ordynka street 69
    3 minute drive
    The construction of the Maly Theatre building was initiated by a merchant V. Varygin in 1821. In 1824, while assembling the Petrovskaya square ensemble, O. Bove rebuilt the building for the theatre. In 1943 the building on Bolshaya Ordynka 69 was gifted to the Maly Theatre and became its affiliate.
  • The Mushrooms restaraunt
    Bolshaya Yakimanka street 22, Gimeney shopping mall, 2nd floor
    9 minute walk
    A gastronomical experiment on a rooftop with a gorgeous view of Moscow: spend an evening “on shrooms“ and rely on a team of chefs represented by WRF brand-chef Vladimir Mukhin and the chef of “Mushrooms” Artyom Losev. The restaurant has three types of cuisine – European, Russian, and Pan-Asian.
  • The PESCATORE restaurant
    Bersenevskaya embankment 16 bldg. 9
    15 minute walk
    This small establishment, fitted to accommodate only 70 customers, inhabits an antique private residence right in front of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. In addition to the main menu, filled with the greatest hits of marine cuisine, new positions open in the menu almost daily, depending on the «catch of the day». The owner meets their guests personally and knows the preferences of their regulars.
  • The Strelka institute
    Bersenevskaya embankment 14 bldg. 5
    15 minute walk
    The Strelka institute was founded in 2009 with the goal of changing both physical appearance and cultural landscape of Russian cities. The institute is constantly hosting educational outreach programs, the main subject of study in Strelka is always the city itself.
  • The Tropinin museum
    Shetinsky lane 10 bldg. 1
    12 minute walk
    The Museum’s collection has around 3,000 pieces of painting, graphics, and decorative art. A distinctive feature of the Museum of V.A. Tropinin is its intimacy, preserving the atmosphere of an old Moscow house. Furniture, vintage chandeliers and lamps, porcelain, glass, ivory boxes, bead embroidery — all of these items help to feel the harmony of bygone times.
  • The Villa Rosa restaurant
    Pyatnitskaya street 52 bldg. 1
    12 minute walk
    An elegant Italian restaurant. The interior, with its large windows, forged balconies, and white columns resembles a medieval villa; the same geographical targeting is also recognized in the cuisine. Perfect conditions for families with children – there are kid’s menu, a playroom, and pizza-making classes on weekends.
  • Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val
    Krymsky Val street 10
    15 minute drive
    The New Tretyakov Gallery presents the most completed in our country permanent exhibition of the art of the XXth century in all its diversity - avant-garde, socialistic realism, and art of the «austere style» and «underground», as well as some new art trends. A lecture-hall and a creative workshop offer a wide range of theoretical knowledge and practical trainings on the art of the XXth and early XIst century for children, students, and adults.
  • WORLD CLASS Fitness-Club
    Zhitnaya street 14 bldg. 2
    5 minute drive
    The chain of premium-class fitness-clubs World Class is the leader of the fitness industry in the «Deluxe» and «Premium» segments. Being a member of the World Class club means having access to the endless possibilities of the premium-class fitness-clubs: group sessions, gym, swimming pool, day spa, as well as participation in social and sport events, open-air exercise sessions, and even travels.
  • Zaryadye Park
    Varvarka street 6
    5 minute drive
    Zaryadye Park is a unique landscape park in the center of Moscow. The park has four different areas representing Russia’s main geographic zones – tundra, steppe, forest and wetlands – and featuring the typical microclimates of each zone. The main concept of the park follows the idea of “natural urbanism” when in the very center of a large city one can find him or herself in a real nature.
Ресторан Villa Rosa
Пятницкая, 52, строение 1
12 минут пешком
Обстановка роскошного загородного отдыха, прекрасные мелодии живого исполнения, завидное разнообразие рыбного меню и воздушные домашние десерты – ресторан Villa Rosa является ярким примером благородства стиля и изящества.